JavaZone 2014 is launched. Check it out:

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Tickets are priced at 4950,- NOK for members of javaBin, and 5950,- NOK for non-members. Partners will get special prices for the tickets.

If you work for one of our partners, they might have a ticket to you, so be sure to check that first.

About javaBin

javaBin is a non-profit, independent organization. The purpose is to promote Java expertise among members, member firms and the market. javaBin is headquartered in Oslo, with subgroups in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and in southern Norway. In 2009 the group had over 2,000 members from over 210 companies.

javaBin arranges monthly meetings for its members. The meetings are a good way to strengthen the Java platform and is a venue for sharing experiences and information in addition to being a social arena that links people across firms and institutions.

What is the relationship between JavaZone and javaBin?

javaBin is the organisation that are arranging JavaZone every year. This means that members of javaBin get reduced prices on the tickets. It's possible to buy tickets to JavaZone without being a member of javaBin, but we suggest that you consider a membership in javaBin as well, since that means you get both the benefits of being a member and reduced prices for JavaZone tickets.

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