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Become a partner

Over 40 large and mid-sized companies – our partners – exhibit their brand and services/products during the conference.

JavaZone is a conference organized by and for a great community of developers. The conference is not possible without the involvement and support of our partners, buying both stands and tickets for their employees to the conference. In addition to gaining access to the exhibition area we involve our partners in both forming the agenda of and the conference itself.

In the exhibition space, we have organized a range of activities, from whiteboards, where speakers can expand on their presentations and answer questions arising from the presentation, to music and stand-up performances. Contact us at for more information on becoming a partner.

Who will you meet at JavaZone?

We have collected some statistics about partners, speakers and participants at JavaZone 2012 to help you decide if becoming a partner is of interest to you. And for all our existing partners, these numbers can help you reach the participants better.

At JavaZone 2012, we were delighted to have a total of 40 partners helping us make the conference awesome. The partners were from the following divisions:

26Consulting firms
13Product firms
1Governmental firms

Our biggest group of supporters are IT Consultant firms. Unsurprisingly, the biggest single group of participants are also IT Consultants. See the list on the right for a detailed breakdown of the different participants of JavaZone 2012.

56%IT Consultants
15%Public Sector

About javaBin

javaBin is a non-profit, independent organization. The purpose is to promote Java expertise among members, member firms and the market. javaBin is headquartered in Oslo, with subgroups in Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and in southern Norway. In 2009 the group had over 2,000 members from over 210 companies.

javaBin arranges monthly meetings for its members. The meetings are a good way to strengthen the Java platform and is a venue for sharing experiences and information in addition to being a social arena that links people across firms and institutions.

Fields of employment

The participants at JavaZone 2012 came from a wide variety of professions:

  • 56% – IT Consultants
  • 15% – Government
  • 5.8% – Media
  • 2.9% – Bank and Finance
  • 2.3% – Logistics
  • 2.3% – Industry
  • 2.0% – Classified Ads
  • 1.5% – GIS
  • 0.6% – CMS
  • 0.6% – Analytics
  • 11% – Other

About these numbers

javaBin and JavaZone will never sell or publish detailed information about our members or participants of JavaZone. However we feel that the broad statistics presented at this page does not single out companies or individuals, and hence can ble published.

We hope this information can be of use for speakers, participants, partners and potential partners.